October 19-21 International Tourism & Travel show Place Bonaventure Montreal Quebec City Canada. 100 Country and World Tour Operator Exposed own Travel Destination to Attracted North American Tourist. from Asian Mt Everest Country Nepal’s Tour Operator & Suppler  Everest Pioneer Trek Nepal (p) Ltd. did Nepal Promotion to make Adventure Holiday trip to Nepal Different Trekking and Tour Destination. the many Montreal Quebec States People very interested to Plan trip to Nepal in 2019. so Warm welcome to North American Adventure Holiday Interested Person warm welcome to Nepal and Make good Panorama Natural and culture and Pilgrimage Destination and World Top Highest Mountain Everest and Kanchenjunga, Annapurna and Many more. Welcome to Nepal and Together for the Tourism. www.everesttreknepal.com  – Everest Pioneer Trek Nepal (p) Ltd.

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Everest Pioneer Trek Nepal and Tourism Board Canada other Nepal Community Celebrating 2562 Lord Buddha Birthday Celebration in Toronto Downtown Dundas Square. most of Nepal Community and support Japanese Embassy and Myanmar other Country Ambassador attend Celebration.