Nepal is in the first Destination of most Beautiful Country in Earth


Nepal is in the first place of the most beautiful country in the world,

Kathmandu. The UK’s Travel Guide Book has published a list of the 10 most beautiful countries in the world for tourist destinations. Nepal has been included in the list of 10 best countries in the world published by the UK’s Rough Guide for Visits in 2021. Nepal has been in the first place since 2016 BS. Again a global epidemic was affected.
This is not only for Nepal but for the whole world. Stating that Nepal is the first destination even in this situation, the guide said that Nepal is a beautiful country worth visiting. Rough Guide has identified Nepal’s trekking routes, homestays, and various cultural areas as the main tourist attractions.
it is said that Nepali forests full of various snow ranges, wild animals, and diversity are excellent for tourism. In the list of 10 countries of Rough Guide, Nepal is ranked first and Colombia is ranked second. Source, Tourism